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*New Arrival* Merry go round *new launch*


Voyage back to a land of nostalgia with these lashes, based on the vintage carousel. Each element of the lash silhouette echoes childhood playfulness, with each segment designed and cut with intricacy. Memories of the seaside, candy floss and flying horses are collected in this cute lash.
The Merry go-round lash is a fairy-tale lash, with endless possibilities of creative customising! You are the storyteller and can create your own narrative through cut and pasting. From a full lash, to quarter lash- these can be worn in many different arrangements .As well as the traditional full lash, they can be worn in individual pieces as motifs to the eye. The lashes really can be cut and customised to your desire.

As said on The Kris Jenner Show ‘It’s like a party on your eyes!’